Sleep well... and wake up fine

Spleeping well at nighs is the best begining of tomorrow morning.
We offer 49 camping sites for groups and families, each one with a shelter like you see in the first picture to protect from bad weather. Also, there is a table, to have meals comfortably, a fireplace for barbacue or simply for warming up with friends. Near you r site water pipes with 100% drinkable water are available at anytime. There are garbage baskets to throw rabbish helping to keep the Park clean.

Shelter Roomy spaces 100$ drinkable water near the sites

There are comfortable toilette rooms near each site with hot showers, all implements to be comfortable outdoors. Big mirrors, laundry places to wash clothes and separated toilette rooms for men and women. When the evening comes lights are on to help you move inside the camping.

If you need more than a Camping Site...

Dome type tents.
We have more to offer if you prefer more comfort, 5 dome type tents like the one you see in the picture below. Up to 3 people can sleep comfortably in these tents that for its construction and carachteristics allow total insulation from the ground which makes them warmer.

Carpas tipo Domo de comodidad especial


Prices in CLP

Camping Site
$11.000 per person

Picnic Site
$5.000 per person

Rent a Tent for 2 people
$14.000 w/ mattress

Dome for 1 pax

Dome for 2 pax

Dome for 3 pax

Rent a 0º Sleeping Bag

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