Frequent Asked Questions

1. Are drivers and guides free of charge in the Restaurant?
Yes, as long an important number of passeger are brought to the Camping.

2. Are truck drivers and group guides free of charge in the Restaurant?
Yes, when they bring more than 6 passengers.

3. Are there food available for a group that is staying in the camping?
Yes, we have a warehouse with food available, fresh and frozen products that can be sold to families or groups.

4. What is the capacity of the Camping?
Our capacity is up to 300 people.

5. Can I visit the camping on winter, low season?
Yes, our staff works all year long.

6. Is there any First Aid in case of an emergency?
Yes, also we have an insurance for our passengers.

7. Is there any public telephone?
Yes, we can recieve and call to anywhere in the world.

8. What is the check out time?
Check out hour is 3 PM

9. How can I pay the camping fares?
Cash only in the following currencies: Chilean Pesos, Argentinean Pesos, US Dollars, EURO, Chilean Bank Account Checks and Direct billing to pre-agreement Travel

10. Can I buy any type of Gasoline in the Camping?
No , we do not offer that products.


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