Vista Panorámica hacia el Lago Pehoe desde el Cerro Cóndor | Foto de Marcelo Kunstmann - Prohibida su copia

Camping Pehoé Surroundings

Perfect Location
Lago Pehoe is located in the very heart of Torres del Paine National Park and was created in 1959 and declared Reservation of the Biosfera by the UNESCO in 1978. It is at 90 miles from Puerto Natales in Ultima Esperanza (LAST HOPE) province a small town 150 miles to the north west of Punta Arenas the main entrance to Southern Patagonia. There is quite much to do around here. Near from the Camping there is a path tha drives to the Condor Hill Lookout (1 hour) where the picture above was taken, providing a great panoramic view of the whole landscape.

A few mile away (2 hour by feet) it is Pudeto, where you can enjoy the great sight of the Salto Grande and where also the Catamarán that goes across the Lake to the feet of the Paine Grande (30 minutes) to begin the treks to Lago Grey (1day) and the famous W trek (5 days)

If we go further to the north we reach Laguna Amarga (1 hour and 15 minutes by car) where the famous trek to the base of the Torres del Paine begins (6 to 7 hours). Here also can be done the Big Trek to the whole mountain range (7 to 10 days).

Other attractions: mini trekking Las Cornizas 50 min., Salto Chico 1 hour walk, Paine Waterfall 1 hour 10 min by car, Laguna Azul 1hr. 30 min by car, Lago Toro 20 min. by car, Serrano Area 40 min by car, Lago Grey 1 hr. 20 by car.   

Paine Mountain Range
It is an impressive mountain set of granite towers and the photogenic Horns and the imposing Great Paine. The mountainous bulk is crowned of glaciers and is surrounded by lakes with colors of aquamarine, emerald, turquesa, sapphire and lapis lazuli. A microclimate sustains a rich flora and much wild fauna that lives freely around lagoons and between beautiful forests of bearded trees. It does not surprise that the place has been detailed World-wide Reserves of the Biosfera of UNESCO, in addition to National Park by the Chilean State.

Tours and Excursions

Ice Trekking
There are 2 ice trekkings. The first is near the Refugio Grey where you can walk in the Glacier Grey. To get to the refugio you can go to Pudeto and take the Shuttle to Paine Grande lodge area and then walk to the Refugio in medium difficulty trek of 4 hours. If you want to skip the trek part, you can go to Lago Grey area where the Hosteria is located. They navigate everyday to the Glacier. You can take a One Way trip to Refugio Grey.

The second option for ice trekking is to take the zodiac down Rio Serrano to the Balmaceda Mountain
where you can do that activity.

Horseback riding
All horseback trekking tours are done in Serrano area, There are options depending os the expierence of the rider: 2, 3 4 or 5 hours. You can visit places like Nutri River, Jote Lagoon, El Salto, Monte Donoso lookout, Lago Toro and Lago Brush among other.


El camping pehoe se encuentra ubicado en la ribera sureste del lago pehoe,
Latitud 51º 6' 0" S
Llongitud 72º 60' 0" W

The Cuernos
del Paine

Cuernos del Paine al Amacener

The characteristic black rock that crowns the Horns of the Paine is a chronicle of the tectonic and glacial forces that carved this bulk.

More than ten million years ago, this type of sedimentaria rock covered ample areas in the region. At some moment these rocks had contact with the magma of the interior of the Earth which gave form to granite rocks.

Soon, the colossal pressures of the entrails of the planet made rise these impressive mountains that today we know like the Towers of the Paine.

When the glacial eras arrived, the ice covered all the region. They only excelled the tops of the highest mountains. When retiring the ice, in the open left the granite, on which the black rock was conserved that had not been covered by the freezing.

Due to the previous today we can appreciate enormous Towers with different colors in a same bulk, which without a doubt is one of the greater quiet spectacles of Patagonia nature.


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