Vista General de la recepción y almacén del Camping Pehoé en Torres del Paine

A warm place of conversation and information...
The store
In Camping Pehoé you can find anything necesary to enjoy your staying. We have more than basic needs supplies here. We offer international brands in different product families like: Camping, cans, higyene, dairy, chocolates, cereal, and also fresh fruits and vegetables, meat, souvenirs and more.

You can also have detailed tourist information and help to optimize your time and money.

Almacén del Camping Pehoé Bebidas, chocolates, todo lo necesario para el trekking.

The store is a perfect place to have a cup of coffee or hot chocolate, it is a great to share experiences and international culture. Pehoé by Sodexo is very concerned to deliver to visitors the comfort to feel like home and enjoy Torres del Paine National Park in Patagonia.

Pehoé by Sodexo has set a new concept in tourism in Torres del Paine. The idea is to provide high energy products like cereal bars, chocolates, peanut butter, honey, natural marmelades, milk, raisins, almonds and more; products that are not available in other spots in the Park and at good prices.

Let make a Store that invites to stay and enjoy the most of a trekking day or vacation. Free time is preciuos and we want to provide the ambience for travelers to enjoy the most as long as they have a cup of coffee with a sweet brownie.

Satellite Telephone and Internet allow you to be close to home.

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